Dog with severe scabies hid from the world in a dark

He hid in the darkness of an empty room

A puppy with extreme mange tries to hide the pain and the world in a dark, empty room. He used to be very shy, not sure about all this, because his little tail has been caught between his hind legs. Winning his confidence will be a challenge.

But the rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited had been there. They have everything they should have, let him know that everything will be okay. The dog’s gentle eyes informed them that he desired affection, they simply had to do it the proper way. He was once lost and ill, and desperately wanted to be taken care of.

The dogs I bought are used to medicated baths, and sooner or later they will eat well. And then that little tail wagged! He relied on these humans extra with every passing day, and his spirit started to recover. But wait till you see Demetrius nowadays in the video below!