Dog With Stunted Growth Gets Thrown On Streets With Tight Collar On His Neck

 His owner thought he was a "freak of nature" and threw him out like yesterday's trash. But the only thing the dog wants to do was spread his love.

When Rachel Mairose of Secondhand Hounds located a “hunchback” German Shepherd on the streets of Kentucky, she realized the canine was once struggling from a bone malformation known as “short-spine syndrome.”

There is also a tight collar embedded in the dog's neck, indicating that he was abandoned by his owner a long time ago. Rachel rescued the canine and aptly named him Quasimodo (or, Quasi). At the vet’s, it used to be determined that the canine used to be about four years historic and one of the 15 uncommon puppies in the world who lived with this beginning defect!

Quasi’s shortened physique was once attributed to his vertebrae being pushed together. Rachel also found that his fully grown head was absolutely not helpful due to the true lack of neck. While puppies like Quasi normally quit up getting euthanized, Rachel saw that the pooch skilled no ache due to the fact of his condition. Apart from some feeding adjustments, Quasi required no unique care at all. So Rachel was not solely delivered him domestic as a foster, however used to be additionally delighted to see him mingling so nicely with her children and different dogs!

It used to be solely a count number of time earlier than Quasi grew to become a permanent section of Rachel’s family! Today, this unique dog has grown into a silly boy who likes to play around and chase things. Rachel Hopes Quasi’s story evokes human beings to go to their neighborhood safe haven and supply a 2nd danger to different unlucky dogs.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown April 30, 2021 at 12:53 AM

    This is what happens when dog breeders don't know what they are doing.


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