Former Bait Dog Too Depressed To Lift Her Head Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail Now

Dozens of ne.glec.ted and severely emaciated dogs are tied up with heavy chains and left with no food or water.

When you are in the entire dogfighting operation, it is no longer a high level of sight. Dozens of neglected and severely emaciated puppies were tied up with heavy chains and had no food or water.

Sometimes, these painful experiences will scar the dog for life, while others long for human interest and love.

In August, rescuers from the Texas SPCA found 14 puppies during a suspicious dog fight in Texas Springs. When rescuer Madeline Yeaman walked up to the site, all of the puppieshad been leaping and trying her attention. All of the puppies however one.

That’s when they observed her. Emaciated and severely hydrated, she used to be knocking at death’s door. She had a massive collar clamped to her neck that used to be connected to a heavy chain tied to an ancient vehicle axle. She has no refuge to hide from the hot Texas sun.

Her health was so bad that she became too easy to move. It took time to get her to stand, for the reason that all she desired to do used to be sit there with her head down. The veterinarian examined this bad pup, and said she had “almost no blood pumping through her veins.”

They immediately took her in for treatment and named her Gwen Stefani. The first problem they did in the past was to flush her cracked, injured, fleas-covered skin with a hose. Once, she received several blood transfusions, as well as water and food.

As the days passed, Gwen began to make her head bigger and bigger until she felt like a dog again. “No longer used to be Gwen torpid and hopeless,” the SPCA wrote. “She greets every person with a wiggly body, wagging tail and trademark pit bull smile.

As her physique gradually recovered, her spirit began to shine, and she began to break out of her shell. Now, she enjoys walking around outdoors and getting showered with love and attention, all the matters that most puppies take for granted.

“She’s certainly no longer lacking anything,” Yeaman informed The Dodo. “She’s acquired human beings loving on her all day long. She goes outdoors all day. It’s exceptional what a trade of surroundings and care and human beings can make in a dog’s view of the world.”

Gwen is a very blissful dog, and has seeing that observed a loving home! 

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  • Unknown
    Unknown April 4, 2021 at 2:06 PM

    i hope that whoever abused her and the other dogs would go through many many lifetimes of abused, pain, and being tied up in the texas sun with a chain that is heavier than him, without water, food or shelter from the sun. that "person/s" is less than sewage scum.


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