Her Owner Dumped Her Only Returning When She Had Pups For Him To Sell

 Every time the dog got pregnant, her owner abandoned her but would come back to collect her puppies for profit.

Sidewalk Specials set out to assist a canine who’d been attacked by using a baboon. Once, when she stood in front of an attack and was hit, her mother only wanted to protect her child, but now she needs serious help.

Lulu’s proprietor then called on the organization for helpassistance. Poor Lulu has gone through so many lives. Her historical master was once recognized for leaving her every time she was pregnant, just to come back to get her cubs and promote them.

Fortunately, Mr. Clarkson stepped in and relocated Lulu, providing her with a loving and acceptable lifestyle. It was once about time for matters to go Lulu’s way!

Sidewalk Specials will bring a popular lady to treat her wound and give her a C-section before sending her home with her dad.Dad. As for her puppies, Scooby, Daphne, Sheep and Bananarama will be adopted as soon as they are ready. A comfortable ending for all! Please share to pass this story to friends or family members

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