Lonely Senior Dog Gets A Guinea Pig Friend, Now He Never Goes Anywhere Without Her

 Both Rex and S'mores were rescued from sad situations...but wait until you hear their story!

Rex an aged incapacitated Boxer pup has a not likely satisfying friend, S’mores, a guinea pig. The two friends were inseparable since the first meeting. Wherever Rex goes, S’mores tags alongside internal a different basket connected to Rex’s wheelchair.

Rex suffers from degenerative myelopathy (DM) and used to be on a shelter’s euthanasia listing when He was once pulled by the rescue team. Eventually, he observed a loving domestic with Holly Walthers.

After Rex misplaced one of his friends and became frustrated, Holly considered all other partners for him. S’mores was once rescued from a horrific scenario and he wished some love and attention. When Holly delivered S’mores home, the guinea pig related with Rex instantaneously! Now, the two pals cuddle collectively at home, devour foods collectively and go on each day walks. Share their lovely friendship with your household and friends!

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