Lost Pup Gets His Foot Caught In Illegal Trap While Trying To Find His Family

A dog once appeared in an incorrect location at an incorrect time, and his paw was caught by a bait that was once set illegally by an unknown person.

Pima Animal Care’s Animal Protection Team acquired a name from a Good Samaritan who witnessed the canine struggling with “something clamped on his leg.” Officer Kristen Weigand rushed to the scene to assist the negative puppy. Since she didn't like to hurt dogs that were already bigger than him, she left the bait on his paws and gently loaded him into her truck. She rushed him to the clinic, where the veterinarian carefully removed the trap.

X-rays showed that, fortunately, there were no damaged bones, just some wounds on the skin. The paw was once handled and the canine is expected to make a full recovery. Pima Animal Care is presently caring for the dog, now named ‘Trapper,’ whilst he is on stray hold. It’s unknown whether or not he used to be wandering around as stray or if he belongs to someone. They are hoping that an proprietor will come ahead so this bad pup can reunite with his family.

In addition to discovering his home, they also hope to find the character who placed these dangerous traps.

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