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Lost Senior Pit Bull Adopted By Police Department As They Couldn’t Find His Home

 What they have did got the dogs lovers talking....

Ohio’s Kirtland Police Department Saved a canine from streets in March 2016. They shared that hoping its proprietor would come to select him up. However, noone got here for the canine after a few weeks.

So, the police  determined to undertake the canine rather of shedding John Doe, the dog, at the pound. They shared the story on Facebook announcing that the dog, who used to be renamed to JD, used to be adopted by using the Kirtland Police Association with the permission of the Mayor and the Chief.

They brought that they tried to discover the dog’s owners, however no avail. Thankfully, the canine now has magnificent humans who love him. He is additionally taken by way of some officers home! He constantly has magnificent days as he is taken to the park. 

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