Man Takes Dog Out Of Stroller And Bends Down Thinking No One Is Watching

 "Most afternoons I take a run through Discovery Green, and most afternoons I see this guy with a stroller but no baby. He brings this beautiful, what appears to be, disabled pup to the park."

Doug Delony of KHOU Houston snapped an image of a man and a stroller at Houston’s Discovery Green, and when humans saw the dog, they immediately desired to recognize extra about it. This fact captured the hearts of hundreds of people.

Doug Delony took said: “Most afternoons I take a run thru Discovery Green, and most afternoons I see him with a stroller however no baby. He brings this beautiful… what seems to be… disabled pup to the park. He lets it take a seat in the grass and take in the odor and the sound. Here the man is giving it water out of a small cup he brings with him. A cute dog and a great guy- God bless ’em.”

The love and kindness of this man shows that his blind dog has restored our trust in humanity. KHOU Houston sat down with his family to discuss their story. “He’s phase of our family,” started Eddie Mayo of 16-year-old Max. “He’s my exceptional friend. He’s taught me lifestyles classes that I will in no way forget.”

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