Mournful Dog Spotted Guarding His Late Brother’s Grave

 Both of them were famous community dogs whom people truly adored.

I think one of the most painful moments in life is to give up the person or family member you love. Even if they are long past and we comprehend it, it’s tough to let go. For animals, this feeling is additionally common.

Kopi-O, Teh-C and Teh-O come from the same nest, and they were lucky enough to grow up together on Ubin Island in Singapore. The three had been rather close, until a tragic hit-and-run auto accident took Kopi-O away. And sadly, the taxi driver has but to be disclosed, his title stays a mystery.

Kapi-O,’s dying made unhappy many locals as he used to be a very lovely canine and anyone knew him in the island. This two-year-old boy used to be an information dog. He often accompanies the traffic on the trails on the island and takes them away from the wild boar. On the social network, they shared about their grief after listening to the stunning news.

Some residents even hope to erect plaques or statues to learn about this candy man. But Kopi-O’s proprietor had grown to become down all the brilliant thoughts and only universal a tombstone. The vicinity of his grave was once additionally stored a secret due to the man’s request for privacy.