Pit Bull Used As Bait Dog In Dogfighting, Found Her Second Chance In Life

 She could no more fight, Now she got the first hug in her life

This story speaks about a lovable pit bull named Betsy; who's proprietor desired her to fight. But her kindness and gentleness made her no longer worthy of dog fighting, so the ruthless master decided to use her as bait!

Fortunately, Victor Lakhill and his crew were able to rescue her earlier than before, and it was too late. She was once taken to be medicated at vet, the place they discovered that she may want to now not make due to the fact of her extreme injuries! The contamination used to be their best concern as she had many wounds. It used to be apparent that Betsy desired to stay as she fought the pain. She desired to thrive and stay in spite of being misused and used.

Betsy was very brave. After eight operations and months of treatment, she was able to get around the pain. You can see her lover in the video, which shows how much she is cherished.

Her bravery amazed everyone, and all kinds of people met her. The once pleasant side was that once she recovered, she was adopted by an ordinary family. She is now having the lifestyles she deserves with her human brothers, who fall her lifestyles with love and care. We hope that this story suggests human beings that pit bulls can be pets as they are additionally adorable.

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