Puppy Hugs And Comforts His Dying Sister During Her Battle With Parvo

 In the heart-breaking video captured by one of the vets, we see the brother snuggle up to comfort his sick and suffering sister. With desolate eyes, he makes a plea to the vets to keep his sister alive. He refuses to let go of his sister, begging her to keep her strength.

Two family dog siblings who are struggling with a serious illness called Parvo have been sent to the African Center of a veterinary medical institution in Cairo, Egypt. This sickness affects more than one organs, and usually, the probabilities of survival for untreated Parvo is pretty low. For the cure to work, the canine need to exhibit signs and symptoms of healing inside the first four days. In the siblings’ case, the brother recovered quickly, however his sister confirmed no symptoms of improvement.

The brother noticed that his sister's situation had not improved before, and in desperation, he decided to do something. In the video shot by one of the veterinarians, we saw our younger brother cuddling with her sick and struggling sister. With a bleak look in his eyes, he begged the vet to save his sister's life. He refuses to let go of his sister, begging her to maintain her strength.

Thankfully, the brother’s love and prayers worked! The couple bravely went through all of this and are now fully recovered and are now looking for an amazing presence, packed with exciting play dates and cute hugs! They'reThe love of their brothers and sisters really touched our hearts!

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