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Puppy With Special Needs Wears Helmet To Be Able To Fit With Her Cat Friend

 She suffers from Hydrocephalus, and she had to wear a helmet, and owners added cat ears to let her fit with her sibling cat.

A special needs puppy called Strawberry was diagnosed with a build-up of fluid within the cavities deep within the brain called Hydrocephalus. Her owner surrendered her to the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, & Clarke Counties, after knowing that she needed to be cared by an experienced caregiver.

She was then transferred to The Cat LVT, that moved her to SOMD Kitten Fosters family . The dog, who was renamed to Tilly, was so important to the staff, as they decided to try to to whatever they might to save lots of her.

She directly got along side the cats in her new foster place. Her ally is Eggbert, a 2-year-old cat. They did almost everything together like cuddling and playing.

An organization that creates prosthetic equipment and limbs for special needs animals, Bionic Pets, made a helmet with little cat ears for Tilly for her Hydrocephalus. So, it might help her to urge along side Hydrocephalus and therefore the cats.