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This Labrador Allows Foster Dogs To Sleep Right On Top Of Her


Maggie the yellow Labrador used to be adopted by way of Michelle Calicchio again in 2005 and her household notion . she would be their one and solely pooch and it used to be for a few years till one day, Michelle took in briefly a stray chihuahua named Percy and from then on, she’s fostered about 60 puppies for the previous 12 years.

The awesome element about this is that Maggie is absolutely cool with her transient buddies, so a lot that many of them locate drowsing on pinnacle of the labrador a excellent idea, and Maggie is cool with it! According to Calicchio, “I suppose it’s due to the fact she’s heat and she’s soft, however it’s the strangest thing. Not each and every single one of them does it, however a lot of them do, and independently of every different , so it’s now not a realized behavior. I don’t comprehend what it is about her.”

Regardless, the scene constantly warms Michelle’s heart. She says that Maggie is simply a very mellow canine so we’re guessing she simply enjoys sharing with different pooches.