Tiny Police K-9 Dies Of A Broken Heart Just Hours After Her Handler Passes Away

The dynamic duo was inseparable for more than a decade and will now be buried together.

67-year-old retired sheriff Dan McClelland and his tiny police dog, Midge, had been simply inseparable and couldn’t stay a day besides every other. Sadly, McClelland has recovered after a long battle with cancer, and 16-year-old Midge ended up deathsimply a few hours later, pretty perchance of a damaged heart.

McClelland labored for the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office for forty four years, and alongside Midge for ten of these years. Midge is a Chihuahua-mouse terrier combination. It was certified by the Guinness World Records in 2006 and became the smallest police dog in the world. She uses her small but powerful nostrils to sniff out drugs. In addition to tearing up the seat or making a mess like some giant police dogs, her small size allows her to easily search for internal and external motors.

The dynamic duo used to be constantly together. When McClelland used to be in his office, Midge would sleep on her canine mattress after his desk. The two of them also regularly visit the college collectively and talk with the children. When McClelland determined that it was once time to retire, Midge retired too. The two of them, plus McClelland’s wife, Beverly, then set out to journey the county. Both McClelland and Midge will be ignored radically by the way of their community.

“Today we be a part of our Geauga County household in mourning the loss of Sheriff McClelland and Midge,” Geauga County Public Library tweeted. “He will lengthy be remembered for his dedication to his community, his duty, and for all what he did.” McClelland’s household says he and Midge will be buried together.