Woman Uses Compassion To Convince Man To Give Her His Neglected Puppies And Their Mom

 Despite being neglected, the mama dog happily wagged her tail when she saw Lisa and her friends step inside the yard.

As animal lovers, we cannot understand why some pet owners don’t look after their pets and heartlessly abandon them. Even once they are weak and vulnerable, these irresponsible owners still want to neglect them and leave them defend themselves. This is often the case with a mama dog and her puppies who are neglected by their owner, and their story is certain to interrupt your heart.

After Frankie, Lola, and Friends Dog Rescue got a call about some neglected dogs in Los Angeles, California, a dog rescuer named Lisa Chiarelli, and her friends rushed to the rescue. When Lisa received the on-site investigation, she was shocked by what she had admitted.acknowledged.

A dog, the mom, was chained with an important chain around her neck. The starving dog was nothing but skin and bones. Her puppies were living in horrible conditions and neglected alongside her. ItThis is a rather disturbing sight. Despite being neglected, the mama dog happily wagged her tail when she saw Lisa and her friends step inside the yard.

It was evident that the owner couldn’t look after the dogs on his own, so Lisa tried to influence him to surrender his dogs. It took some convincing, but Lisa was finally ready to take the puppies with her. The person slowly gathered the puppies and handed them over.

However, when Lisa asked about the chained-up mama dog, he looked her straight in the eye and said she wasn't allowed to need the mama dog. As you'll see in the video, he pointed to the mama dog and said, “She’s not going anywhere.” Determined to not leave any dogs behind, Lisa continued to debate the mama dog. That’s when she used her compassion and kindness to convince the person. She kindly applauded the person for doing the proper thing with the puppies and shared with him that she wanted to assist the mama dog live a far better life.

Being touched by Lisa’s kindness and compassion, the person finally agreed to offer her the mama dog. He unchained the mama dog and allowed them to need her.

Watch the video below to find out the complete rescue:

Thanks to Lisa’s kindness and then the man’s good intentions, the dogs not only would revisit their health but they also found wonderful forever homes with trustworthy families.

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