11-Year-Old Boy Runs Into Street To Save Injured Dog Hit By Car

An 11-year-old boy named Jean Fernandez raced out to save him, dodging oncoming vehicles to bring him to safety. Nothing beats the relationship between a boy and his dog, and one account demonstrates how courageous and kind children can be when it comes to their animal companions.

When a puppy was in grave danger, one young boy risked his life to save it. In 2013, the incident occurred in Itajai, Brazil. According to the Huffington Post, local media confirmed that a dog was hospitalized after being hit by a car on the driveway. The driver of the car fled. When an 11-year-old boy named Jean Fernandez saw this, he dashed out to rescue him, avoiding oncoming traffic to get him to safety. The child was praised for his bravery. Many people were impressed that anyone so young could be so selfless.

Jean's mother, however, told Brazilian news that she was not shocked by what her son had done, claiming that he enjoying animals and always supports neglected and unwanted dogs. Meanwhile, the dog, allegedly called Mel, was rushed to an animal care unit, where he was treated for his injury and is supposed to recover fully. Thank you very much to this young man for rescuing this sickly dog when no one else can! You are a hero. Spread the word about this incredible tale of ordinary heroism!

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