Abandoned pup living in old couch on the side of the road needs emergency help

An abandoned dog in Texas' Rio Grande Valley area considers a dirty, broken couch discarded on the side of the road his house. Buddy, like that old piece of furniture, was obviously considered rubbish and discarded.

Buddy had been scavenging for food and avoiding an untimely death at the hands of predators as well as cars driving past him for months – no one stopped to support a dog in distress, that is, until local rescuers called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help.

“At this point, his health has deteriorated, and he is now very sick. His skin was contaminated and covered with mange. He's infested with fleas and ticks, and he's getting eaten alive. He needs our help immediately! Buddy cannot live inside the couch for another day, not even one,” the organization said on their Facebook page. Buddy requires urgent medical attention, as arrangements are being made to move Buddy to safety.

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