Boy Cries While Senior Dog Passes Away In His Arms Due To Panic Attack Of Fireworks

The Boy weeps as his best friend was passing away Antonella Modasjazh, Magui's owner, shared a sad story on Facebook about her dog's death due to a fireworks-induced panic attack nearby.

Antonella added that they contacted veterinarians in the city but to no avail! The post has been shared more than 10000 times, and thousands of notes have been left. She mentioned in the post that Magui was their beloved pet and that she was terrified of fireworks due to her age.

They wanted to quiet their dog down because she was having a tough day when everyone else was having a good day. Unfortunately, Ma Gui died in the arms of their son!

The story was also told by the Argentine dog charity Adopting to raise awareness of such accidents, with the caption "Your fun scared her." That is what has caused the story to go viral. What are your thoughts?