City Comes Up With Revolutionary Programs To Make Life Easier For Street Dogs

 The government joined hands with the city's dog-lovers to ensure that their street dogs don’t go without food, water or healthcare. Let’s spread this and inspire other cities to follow suit!

Every day, millions of forgotten stray dogs die from malnutrition, and many die from accidents and diseases caused by lack of medical care.

The Mexican city of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez has devised two genie programs to care for the 300,000 or so street dogs in their neighborhood. The services are launched by “Respuesta Ciudadana,” a response organization composed of City Hall workers and residents. The first campaign, known as "ComeDog," focuses on supplying adequate food and clean water to homeless dogs.

The programs are initiated under “Respuesta Ciudadana,” which is a response group manned together by City Hall employees and citizens. The first program runs under the name “ComeDog,” and it focuses on providing adequate foodand clean water to the homeless dogs.Volunteers from “ComeDog” have constructed 15 PVC pipes in the city to act as food and water dispensers for the starving dogs. Every day, Respuesta Ciudadana representatives will ensure that the dispenser is refilled.


The second service, dubbed "AmbuDog," is an ambulance that travels around the city to care for sick or injured dogs. The “AmbuDog” workers will also be in charge of the dogs' vaccines and spaying/neutering! These services are only in their early stages, but they are already making a significant difference in the lives of unwanted and neglected dogs. What a creative way for the world to keep an eye out for these poor creatures! Let us spread the word about this incredible gesture and encourage other cities to do the same!