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Cyclist adopts puppy found on road and carries him home in his pocket

Meire Luce Andrade Abreu discovered an abandoned dog on the side of the road. Without hesitation, the woman chose to bring the puppy home, tucking it into her shirt pocket like a mother kangaroo.

The cyclist tells Amo Meu Pet about her amazing rescue of her pet Thor in an interview. 

Meire is a cyclist who enjoys riding her circuits through her city's streets. And she doesn't mind the weather because she rides her bike come rain or shine.

Meire was not daunted by the weather and went for her pedal about a week ago. What might have been a storm for the city turned out to be a goldmine of a puppy encounter. 

The woman discovered an abandoned puppy half way there. Her companion, who was riding with her, advised her to pick up the puppy the next day because she couldn't carry it on her bike.

"No!" There is no way in hell I'm going! Meire told her pal, "I'm taking him right now!" 

She took the tiny one and placed it in the pocket of her T-shirt, content with her decision, and continued on her walk. 

Thor, the dog, now has a home and a name! Following the rescue, the puppy was taken to the vet, who determined that he was in fair health.

Thor is no longer alone in this world; he has four canine brothers. 

Meire's message to anyone who want to adopt or help an abandoned animal is as follows: 

“Adoption must be done out of love, since kids have feelings and can tell if someone likes them or not.” 

Congratulations, Meire, for your wonderful attitude.