Cyclist Finds Puppy Dumped In A Desert, She Lifts The Puppy But Puppy Goes Limp

 The puppy collapsed due to severe dehydration in the brutal 105F desert heat. The cyclist ran with the limp puppy in her hand but time was running out.

Diane Lea, a cyclist, embarked on a "50 Causes Ride" to mark her 50th birthday. The plan is to ride 50 miles a day for 50 days, each day focusing on the subjects Diane cares about.

On the ninth day of her journey, she was cycling across a desert trail in Southern Arizona when she was stopped in her tracks by the sight of an unconscious puppy. The puppy had been abandoned in the middle of nowhere, and the scorching 105F heat was too much for the dog's delicate body. The puppy was panting miserably by the time Diane scooped her up.

Diane carried the disoriented puppy to her RV and fed her the small amount of water she had on hand. But suddenly, the puppy was completely limp and unresponsive. Diane was terrified when she saw that the puppy was about to die, and she made one last effort to save the poor dog. She poured the last drop of water into the bucket and soaked the dry puppy in the small pool.

After a few minutes, Diane was finally able to revive the puppy! She called the baby Phoenix and took her in for the rest of her adventure! Diane has a tendency of collecting various "road treasures" when cycling, but she considers the 6-week-old Phoenix to be her best friend!

The dumped person has not been found yet. Phoenix, on the other hand, is now a happy girl living with Diane in her Florida home, owing to Diane's incredible rescue efforts! Watch this enthralling rescue as Diane attempts to save Phoenix before time runs out!