Dad Runs With Disabled Dog To Help Him Have Fun During Playtime With Siblings

Usually, the best way to feel happy is to share it with others. Just ask this committed father and his special needs dog, Canelo.

TikTok user Joseline recently shared a video of her father's adorable routine with their dogs, which included Canelo, who has hypertrophic osteodystrophy. Because the disease can cause limited movement, it can be difficult for dogs like him to run and play. Joseline wrote, "He can't exert much effort since it hurts."

Instead of leaving Canelo out, Joseline's father devised a cute solution: he carries Canelo in his arms, providing the legs, so the pup can keep up during playtime. Joseline wrote “My father lets him have as much fun as the rest of us,”. Carneiro may not be able to express what this means to him. But watching the puppy's happy face, and the grin it brings to his father's, it's evident that Canelo's happiness is enough.


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