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Deaf puppy is abandoned tied to a pole with a note

 Rai is a wonderful puppy, he is very happy and eager to live

It's heartbreaking that some people are able to discard their dogs. 

Fortunately, there are people with enormous hearts full of compassion for these animals that need on someone to survive. 

Rai is the main character in this narrative. He is a cute furry companion who was found chained to a pole with a letter saying he was deaf and seeking for family.

Fortunately, he was recovered by an animal protection organization, and the individual who abandoned him was reported to the authorities. 

Every city has a shelter or a place where the unfortunate tiny animals can find sanctuary.

“Rai is a 4-month-old deaf puppy who was abandoned in uoa. According to the Animal Foundation newspaper, he was tethered to a sign with a statement that said, "I just recovered from cynomatosis, I'm deaf, and I'm looking for a home."

“The individual who abandoned him today has filed a complaint with the Investigative Police,” stated a representative for the Foundation. 

Rai is a lovely puppy who is full of life and happiness. The Foundation decided to launch a campaign to locate Rai a new family who would provide him with a loving home and a new opportunity at a happy life.

“He is jovial, adoring, and appreciative. We are looking for a household who has other pets. Who will be with him 24 hours a day, seven days a week? And have the patience, love, and readiness to teach him through signals. He's ideal as a travel buddy. He is well-behaved in and out of the car, according to the Foundation spokeswoman.

The group provided their contact information so that people interested might contact them to set up an interview. It must be a perfect household that provides the comfort and attention that a pet with his traits requires.

There are no other specifics about the case, but police should be able to identify the individual responsible for Rai's abandonment. 

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