Dog Adopts Orphaned Monkey After His Mother Was Poisoned, Now He Can’t Stop Hugging Her

 Animal love is one of the truest loves; there is no hidden malice, everything is instinctive. What happened in Northern India, notably in Chakki Mor, Solan in Himachal Pradesh, is an illustration of this.

This is where renowned photographer Prakash Badal traveled, and during his visit, he came across a very emotional situation: a pregnant dog on the verge of giving birth. She allegedly adopted a newborn monkey that had been orphaned after its mother was poisoned by some villagers.

The artist's visit was mainly focused on photographing birds, but he couldn't resist photographing this intriguing couple: "The baby monkey seemed to be around 10 days old when the locals poisoned the mother because they said they were destroying their crops." “This baby survived, and the dog adopted him,” photographer Prakash Badal explained to DailyMail.

“Although there are instances when monkeys and dogs clash, a mother's relationship is more vital. I believe that when the mother observed a newborn who was extremely young and left alone with no one to care for it, the maternal instinct took the initiative to adopt the child, even though they were of different species.“This is a lesson for humans who have become greedy and kill each other because they belong to a different group or religion,” the photographer said.

I especially like his last sentence. We sometimes squander too much of our lives fighting and disputing over unimportant issues, holding grudges that only serve to wear us down. It is also important to stop judging individuals; at this stage of life, many people face abuse because of skin color, religious beliefs, or other opinions.

Let us learn from the animals, set aside our differences, and work together to aid one another,

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