Dog cries and stands beside coffin during owner’s wake

"The attitude of this dog makes us think about life" Jailson Almeida, the owner of a funeral home in Camacari, Bahia, Brazil, shared a touching story about a puppy's relationship with his owner. Dona Luzinete, who was well-known in her neighborhood for her religion, died recently, leaving fond memories for friends and loved ones.

Amongst the many who loved her, one in particular shared his feelings during the wake: the family's little dog. The dog had realized that this would be his last goodbye, and he did not pull away from the coffin for a single second.

In desperation, the dog cried and refused to let anyone touch its guardian. It is difficult to argue that dogs have pure and genuine emotions.

“[...] crying like a person who has lost a loved one, didn't want anyone to come too close to the coffin,” Jailson wrote in the post. The dog's reaction shocked the people around him. And not for naught.

This dog's demeanor helps us reflect on life. If he refused to leave his owner's coffin, it was because he had got all the love a dog deserves. His gratitude continued until the woman's death.

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