Dog likely had metal pipe on head for ‘weeks’

It is undoubtedly painful for a young dog to survive a traumatic event that should have taken his life. Cletus, a year-old dog, had a metal pipe stuck on his head for weeks, according to veterinarians. Coco's House, Senior Sanctuary and Rescue shared pictures of Cletus two days ago, describing the terrifying ordeal he had been through:

Cletus hasn't had an easy life. He has never known compassion or kindness at the age of one. We're not sure how this got on his head. However, we believe it was done on purpose by someone cruel. He's not afraid, he's not jumpy, he's not something we'd hear from a feral or street dog. He is gentle and has never shown violence, so he is not your typical stray living on the street guy.

Fortunately, Cletus was apprehended and helped. According to the rescue organization: Cletus has closed the pipeline. His neck, head, ears, and other areas have infected wounds. He's simply a little frail. Heart worm positive and infested with intestinal parasites. He is weak and exhausted as a result of this experience. he is pleased that this is out of his mind. He'll be staying at the vet's to get these nasty wounds treated.

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