Dog Who Crawls Into Empty Building After Losing All Hope Finally Gets Rescued!

 This poor pup was found lying helplessly in an old storeroom as if he had lost all hope. Because of spinal trauma, he could barely walk. This is what he looked like when rescuers first spotted him.

We adore the animal shelter Animal Aid Unlimited. This India-based organization is behind some of the most incredible rescues and transformations we've ever seen!


One of their most recent stories is about Alby, a gentle dog. He was found helpless in an old storage room, as if he had given up hope. He could barely walk due to a spinal injury.


While he appeared to be terrified when he first saw the rescuers, he calmly allowed them to examine and treat him. After just a month, this adorable pup has come a long way–literally! He can walk and run, and he likes to be with people!


Watch the lovely video below

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  • janet
    janet May 26, 2021 at 10:48 AM

    Doesnt say how to rescue or adopt


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