Family Dumped Dog Because He Got Old, Now He Sits In A Corner Facing The Wall

He faces the wall all day and refuses to touch his food. Every time a shelter worker approaches him, he shifts his stiff body to avoid any eye-contact. Shetland Shepherd-Dachshund mix named Barkley was found walking haplessly by a trailer park in Owensboro, Kentucky. He was guided to the Daviess Animal Shelter, where the employee immediately knew he was going to be one strong case. Barkley showed tell-tale signs of depression, and there was no method to engage with any human.

InterruptedInterrupted by the environment of the asylum, Barkley confined himself to a gloomy corner of the room. He can face the wall all day and refuse to touch his food. Every time n employees approached him, he just moved his stiff body to avoid any king's gaze.

Owing to Barkley,’s shut down attitude, the vet had to sedate him to test his health. The staff was enough to learn that the poor guy had infected urine burns on his paws, while his dental health was equally scruffy. However, Barkley was sterilized, which showed that he was not wandering. It’s likely that his family rejected him to avoid his medical bills. In two difficult weeks, Barkley has been unresponsive. But the determined employee did not give up and kept convincing him of their honesty and love. One miraculous day, Barkley understood that he was in a good place. He no longer hides and trusts mankind again!

Gradually, Barkley grew up and happily embraced his goalkeeper. While he was not an attention-seeking kind, he began looking to belly rubs and cuddles from human being ! Barkley was rescued by “Secondhand Hounds,” who put him in a foster situation. Barkley became happy and friendly in his foster family. Sadly, Barkley crossed the Rainbow Bridge two years later from an inoperable lesion on his back and spine. But we are very happy because Barkley has been full of love for at least two years.

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