From broken and ready to die to a blossoming pup loving life again

Less than a week ago, people found a dying stray dog curled up in the corner of the building. Stray Rescue of St. Louis was dispatched to assist:

“A call came in reporting that a dog was motionless against a building. Instead of an injured dog, we discovered a darling little female all cuddled up....she had given up. Not injured, but broken. She had nowhere to go, no one to love her, and nowhere to feel safe. We spoke softly to her and put a leash on her, but she still refused to move. When we took her to the jeep, we realized how thin she was. We kept chatting to her until she gave us the tiniest tail wag.

So, it was time for “Foster Dad Dan” to pitch in. He came to the rescue and took Frederica with him; it was love at first sight. Frederica has rediscovered herself; she wiggles, cuddles, and enjoys sleeping in bed.

Meet the world's most gorgeous and DESERVING girl, who finally has a name. My name is Frederica, and I am an angel on Earth. Love will revive her, because in the end, love always wins.


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