Furless and very sick, he huddled alone, defeated and ashamed in a corner

We animal lovers are deeply saddened by the plight of stray dogs. Forced to fight for survival in the most unsanitary and harshest environment. Coupled with the indifference of human beings, they reject them, do not show sympathy, and only provide them with help.

On the flip side of these stories, fortunately, there are an increasing number of groups inspired by empathy and a spirit of solidarity. In some cases, the effort and attention required have reached unexpected heights. Despite this, they never give up and try everything they can. This is what happened to a dog found in an appalling environment.

He was clearly mistreated, abandoned, and suffering from a variety of injuries and ailments. Anyone's heart would break for the puppy, fondly known as "Hairy." Skinless, hairless, and gravely ill, but that wasn't the worst of it... “I remember when we first spotted him, he didn't want to live, he simply wanted to die,” one of the rescuers recollected.

The poor guy had given up and didn't want to fight any longer. “His condition was dreadful, and the rescue was not easy; we needed to gain his trust. He was terrified, which was understandable when others pushed him around pleading for food. Otherwise, people were repulsed by his appearance.” It's a shame that there are folks with stone-cold hearts! Repel should have such an annoying soul star.

But then these warriors accepted the challenge of placing all bets on Peludito. But equally all of his improvement has been dependent on the veterinarians' unselfish care and all of the love they have always earned. Hairy has completely transformed, and he is no longer recognizable. It seems to be another dog: it seems strange that this puppy, which was rejected by so many people, has recovered the golden retriever again, which makes him so admired. This is how their rescuers enthusiastically relayed the story, along with a strong message of reflection:

“This is the transformation of our lovely HAIRY, and if you saw him now, you would see that he is very happy, loves to play, run, and eat a lot. HELP HIM, YOU CAN ALSO!” If you can transform the life of an abandoned puppy, HELP HIM, YOU CAN ALSO!” “Now that he has a roof over his head, a cozy bed, and food every day, Peludito feels completely loved. He became friends with all the rescued dogs in the shelter, and they got along well. Today, he is cheerful, and we are confident that we have gradually healed his wounds,” Rescuing Huellitas Pisco said.

He's already been immunized, dewormed, and neutered. He just has a little wound in his ear that needs to be healed.

The shelter discussed Peludito's current situation and his desire to find a home in the meanwhile in a last post.

Let us assist Peludito in finding the ideal family that will shower him with the love he has always earned and repair some of the pain that, thankfully, is now in the past. This is a happy ending.


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