Grieving dog still saves a spot in bed for his late best friend

 This poor pup clearly misses his best friend, and he still leaves his bed open for him - even more than a year after he passed.

A dog's bond with a human can be extremely strong and unbreakable, but the same can be said for relationships formed by dogs with one another. They can be just as strong and moving as they are in this story.

Caitlin Wyanne, a 17-year-old girl, recently lost her dog George. Her other four-footer, Harry, misses him terribly and is at a loss about what to do now that his best friend has died. Caitlin shared a photo of Harry sleeping directly next to Harry's room, where he used to sleep before he died.

These two friends have been through so much together, and they still seem to end up curled up together in the corner of this bed. George would remain in his bed because it was his safe and cozy place, while Harry would always sit to the side, right next to him – even though he had his own comfortable bed, he preferred to be directly next to George. The two dogs, both Lhasa Apsos, were best friends and inseparable. Only the picture of Harry sitting next to an empty bed was heartbreaking and emotional.

George had been away from the family for more than a year, but Harry was still sitting next to the bed where he used to sleep with his best friend. Due to medical reasons, the poor dog had to be put down. The veterinarian determined that he was suffering from kidney failure and euthanasia was the safest and most painful option. Harry still sleeps in the same place to this day, because he wants to keep George in his heart forever. He also realizes that it was never his own bed, so he agrees to leave it alone out of respect and honor for his friend.

“Almost a year later, and he obviously misses George! He now sleeps on the floor to the side of the bed very often, which I didn't realize until I was going through pictures of them both from a year ago and saw the picture I tweeted, which made me realize,” she later added.

It's plain that this pup loves George terribly, and loosing a best friend would be extremely difficult for a four-footer. When George died, Harry was by his side in the last moments of his life. Awwww Too sad, the dog must be emotional, I hope your cute puppy is okay, 💔❤️ xx