Homeless Pup Was Screaming In Pain With His Ear Was Almost Torn Away

 Poor pup found shaking and crying when rescuers arrived

A puppy on the streets of India is in distress after its ears were damaged and almost cut off. But the rescuers at Animal Aid Unlimited are working hard to alleviate his pain.

“We got a call to rescue a puppy whose ear was almost totally torn off,” they wrote. When we found him curled up in the bushes in the clearing, he wept in pain and shook his head frantically. We returned him to Animal Aid and began his treatment.

His ear was so badly wounded and severed that we had to surgically remove it to ensure his quick recovery.”

The small puppy persevered, and after surgery, he recovered to become a happy, healthy puppy. In the video below, you can see his rescue and recuperation.

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