Inconsolable Working Dog Is Unprepared To Say Goodbye At Trainer’s Retirement

The poor pup ran over 3,300 feet chasing his beloved trainer's truck before hopping inside and pleading with the man not to leave.

Noticing dogs tend to get devoted to their coaches, and Bei Bei, the German Shepherd, is no exception. After months of coaching and years of joint efforts, it is reasonable for the dogs to establish an emotional connection with their coach. A short time ago, millions of people see a heart-rending separation between Bei Bei, the dog, and his beloved coach. It was time for the man to give up work and go from the barracks, but the canine was not ready to let him go.

The trainer gently catch his beloved canine’s face in his hands and tell him it was time to go ways. Poor Bei Bei must have known what was going on because he instantly showed hesitation to let the man go. The 7-year-old canine does on a number of missions, such as serving to find people after major earth tremor in China. After saying bye to the canine, the man got into his car and go away. Beibei chased him and wanted to get in the car.

Beibei still ran more than 3,300 feet behind the car before realizing that they had to go. Bei Bei felt his coach would no longer be present in his life, and he tried hold onto the officer’s kit bag. According to the every day Mail, even though the officer bent down to offer his dog a kiss before going, Bei Bei would not let him go. With sadness, the man asked the other coaches to take the dog away.

Zhang Wei, the retiring sergeant, had no idea so many canine lovers in the world may fall in love with Bei Bei. He burst into tears when he left, but no one could explain to Bei Bei why his best friend was going.

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