Dog That Lost Her Snout While Saving Two Girls Dies In Her Sleep At 13

Heroic Dog Kabang, Who Lost Her Snout After Saving Girls From A 2011 Road Accident, Dies In Her Sleep

The brave dog who lost his nose when he rescued two children from a motorcycle in the Philippines has died. Dr. Anton Lim, who has been caring for Kabang since her owner's death in 2015, announced her death on social media on Monday morning.

According to Dr. Lim's post, the senior dog died in her sleep: You're 13 years old, or 91 in human years, and I knew this would happen one day. No matter how intellectually prepared I was, the suddenness with which you died left a great gap in my heart. You didn't give us the opportunity to nurse and care for you in your old age and watch you fade away. It was shocking to see you immobile in your bed, your feet filthy from racing about with the other dogs. You've always been a hero, selfless to a fault; you leaped on a racing motorcycle to save your two young masters and loosed your upper snout in the process.

Recognizing her zest for life and the people that banded together to donate donations to assist her in recovering from the catastrophic injuries to her face: Others wanted to put you out of your agony, but how could we do so if you enjoyed life so much and were content just to be alive? When we first met at my clinic, we immediately reached an agreement. You trusted me and enabled me to perform treatments on you, You were patient as we sought help for you and raised funding for your treatment at the University of California-Davis, the world's greatest veterinary facility. Ms. Julie Alipala brought your valor to the public's attention, and people from all over the world came to your aid. Children gave their lunch money, and Care for Kabang was born, led by New York nurse Karen Kenggot.

Team Kabang in the Philippines, including Mona Consunji, Dr. Ed Unson, Dr. Lani Acero, and myself, as well as many more in the Philippines and the United States, joined together for you. The world's greatest veterinary surgeons came to your aid. Explaining the sense of emptiness that follows Kabang's death: I'll miss you jumping over the gate to welcome me every time I get home, remaining by me when I work in the garden, and acting like a boss as I mow the lawn. You had just arrived. I missed scrubbing your bowl and feeding you tonight. Thank you for the eight amazing years of learning to love life and love unconditionally.

Even though you've only been gone for a few hours, my family and I have already missed you. We hope to see each other again. Kabang, rest in peace.