Kind Homeless Man Lives With 30 Stray Dogs On A Vacant Lot

Despite his poor living condition, Oleg still tries hard to give the dogs everything he has.

You can never measure kindness with money. The world's kindest and most generous men are not the wealthiest. They are also the poorest. However, just because they are poor does not preclude them from being kind to others.

Oleg is a wonderful person. He takes care of 30 stray dogs inside and outside the tent. Yes, it is 30 instead of 1 or 2. Oleg had only two dogs there a few years ago, but due to unregulated breeding, he now has 30 of them living with him on that vacant lot. But that doesn't stop the guy from adoring his four-legged companions. Despite his precarious living situation, Oleg continues to give the dogs everything he has.

When the Love Furry Friends learn about Oleg and spend time with him, the first question that comes to mind is, "What can they do to help?" And, yes, due to the efforts of these dedicated rescuers, Oleg's and his dogs' lives have been dramatically altered.

The rescuers of Love Furry Friends came back the next day to feed the dogs and bring food to Oleg. They also assist three of the shelter's youngest tenants in finding permanent housing. Adult dogs are more difficult to adopt, but they are still trying to find a caring family for them.

The team also assists two dogs in need of medical attention: Time, who was struck by a car, and Julie, who has an eye problem. Thanks to timely care, their condition is very promising and they will recover soon. Look at how thankful they are!

Finally, they decide to spay all of the female dogs in order to avoid the birth of unwanted puppies. It could also lessen the pressure on Oleg's shoulders, even if he would be content with whatever the future held. This man is a true hero with a pure heart. Please share this heart-warming story with your friends and family!