Man Finds Dog All Alone And Unable To Move At The Bottom Of River Canal

 She was motionless and showed no sign of life, but then her legs started shaking.

In Indonesia, a stray dog slipped into a river and was trapped. She clung on for dear life before finally dragging herself up to safety on the concrete slab.

This is where she was found. She was motionless and lifeless. The rescuers didn't know if she was still alive, until her legs began to tremble. They were trying to come up with a plan when they noticed a ladder on the other side of the canal. A man voluntarily put himself in the hole, and then went out to help the poor puppy.

He picked her up carefully and brought her back to solid ground, but the dog was seriously injured. They began treating her wounds and gave her the name Donna. They'd have to feed her with a syringe and give her water until her condition improved.

After staying in the animal hospital, she was sent to a private shelter. She began eating on a here! It wasn't long until this adorable girl regained her health and began running around in the green grass with all of her new canine pals! Now, all she needs is a forever home.

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