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Man Gives Up Everything He Owns To Save Stray Dogs

 They needed a hero, but they found a superhero instead!

Takis Proestakis, who lives on the Greek island of Crete, transformed his life from the inside out to aid people in need.

When Greece was hit by a catastrophic financial crisis, many afflicted families abandoned their dogs because they couldn't afford to care for them.  Many of these animals were dumped at a popular dumping site.


Takis, the owner of a nightclub, had no idea what was going on. Until one day, when he went to the landfill to dispose of some undesirable trash, he noticed a swarm of dogs.

The dogs were malnourished and damaged. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. His heart was broken! How was he going to aid these poor animals?


The good-hearted man couldn't abandon the dogs in such a way. So he took them all home one by one.


He had brought so many dogs home that he had to relocate and purchase a vast plot of land in an olive grove. He wanted the dogs to have enough space to run, and he wanted to save as many dogs as he could.

So he liquidated his business, bought a large shipping container, and converted it into his house as well as a healing facility for the most injured pets. He could easily care for 300 dogs at once!


Takis' full-time job became caring for the pets. Takis was obliged to sell all of his possessions in order to pay his family's increasing medical and food obligations. Even yet, the funds ran out.

He was almost forced to shut down, but a miracle occurred. Takis was interviewed by a local reporter for a feature story about the altruistic man. As a result, his narrative spread like wildfire. Donations poured in from all across the globe!


Takis is in charge of the dogs' rehabilitation. He puts them up for adoption once they are healthy. He is sad to see them depart, but recognizes that they deserve the one-on-one attention that only a lifelong home can provide.

Takis has so far saved at least 500 dogs. And he intends to save many, many more. Takis puts it succinctly: "This is not a job." This is a compelling cause to live.”

A hero was required for the dogs. Instead, they got a superhero!