Man rescues dying dog in a mud puddle and lovingly transforms his life

Sometimes, people are hesitant to help because they assume it will entail a tremendous deal of responsibility, not realizing how satisfying it can be to do good. This time, we'd like to provide a clear example of this issue, as exemplified by Mr. Jorge Jaime, who acted when he spotted a puppy dying.

In a muck pool, the half-breed was on the verge of death. Faced with the tragic scene, James couldn't move on, set aside all his reservations, and was eager to do good deeds. Obviously, the dog needs help, but no one seems to be willing to provide it. However, there is an amazing guy.

Jorge Jaime approached the hairy dog cautiously, because it was not an aggressive creature. In fact, the dog started to cry as soon as he noticed the man. It was as if the half-breed was pleading for help. Jorge rescued him off a street in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico's northernmost city. Jorge hugged the half-blood in his arms and led him back to his new home. When the dog arrived home, he was bathed in a pool to remove all the dirt from his body.

Jorge also fed him and made sure that he had no injuries that required further treatment. He was fortunate to be in good health. Malnutrition and the fatigue he carried on his back caused him the most harm.

After a year of rescuing people, the kind man decided to tell his story on the Facebook group Huellitas de Amor. Jorge shared a series of photos titled "Love can do anything." “That's how I found him; I gave him a wash and he changed as a result of the wash. Today, a year after I rescued him, he lives peacefully, free of all the atrocities. “With a little love, you can do a lot,” Jorge said in the publication. The furry one has changed dramatically, and it is without a doubt due to Jorge's love and care.

Publicizing your issue is not a technique to gain attention; rather, it inspires others to realize that you don't have to be a millionaire to help. As well, it implies that doing good is everyone's job, and that shelters aren't the only places that can help these animals. We congratulate Jorge on his outstanding accomplishment; he has now won a loyal friend. Share this heartfelt story and let's multiply good acts. If we work together, we can make a difference!

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  • Unknown
    Unknown August 9, 2021 at 7:09 AM

    Jorge, you are a good man doing God's work...


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