Man Scooped Up Dying Puppy, Laid Him On His Chest & They Rescued Each Other

 Feeling his heartbeat, knowing he was there no matter what, changed the puppy forever. And the man too!

When a little dog was discovered struggling to life, Dallas RRR rescuers knew he didn't have much time. They rushed the little fella, whom they had called Stuart, to the hospital.

He couldn't even open his eyes or lift his head. Stuart was struggling for his life. He weighed only 1.8 pounds, which was astonishing. Stuart was classed as a Chihuahua due to his diminutive size. The sweet boy, however, was a Pit Bull. He was so malnourished and underground that he didn't even look like a Pit Bull!

Stuart's blood test was returned, and the findings were dismal. He was so anemic from fleas and ticks that he needed blood transfusions right away. Stuart's first 48 hours were the most terrifying. He was drifting in and out of consciousness. His condition was deteriorating, but his rescuers persisted in their efforts to save him.

In the video below, one of the rescuers says, "We're going to do everything we can to save this little guy." And he really means it! They go to great lengths to ensure Stuart's health. Stewart miraculously made significant progress in just five days. That's when Susan, a lady, stepped in to foster him.

Stuart was relieved to be in Susan's home, but he was still in pain. In the video, she reveals that the little baby was lethargic and slept a lot. Susan claims that five days after bringing Stuart home, he began acting like a dog because he felt so much better. It was a sight to behold– and a victory in Stuart's path. Shane, Susan's brother, came over to meet Stuart. The two hit it off right away. Stuart walked onto the couch while Shane was sleeping and simply rested his head on his chest.

Shane announced at the time that he planned to adopt Stewart. It was obviously meant to be! The little puppy who barely survived finally had a life-long home. This once-Chihuahua developed quickly and healthily into the most stunning Pit Bull. We won't ruin it.

You have to watch the video to see his change for yourself. Let's just say he doesn't resemble the previous struggling little puppy! Shane, his new father, cheerfully transports the deserving puppy wherever he goes. Stuart can easily join Shane almost anywhere in Austin because it is dog-friendly. They go on adventures together on a daily basis! Stuart has a special place that Dad takes him to where he truly shines.

Just wait until you see it for yourself in the video. We can't quit grinning! Stuart is now a big, healthy boy. You must witness his metamorphosis. It'll make you feel everything. Thank you for saving his life, Dallas RRR. Thank you so much, Susan and Shane! You are all superheroes!

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