Mangy stray dog can’t stop smiling after being rescued, now she’s called the ‘happiest dog in the world’

A dog's life can be changed easily and with a little love. Many dogs begin their lives in tough circumstances, such as being alone on the streets and needing to fend for themselves, but their lives can be changed easily and with a little love. Like the dog in our story, who hasn't stopped smiling since she met her family, and is now known as "The Happiest Dog in the World."

Let us introduce you to Shortcake; the big smile is genuine, and she's been doing it since Amy Matsushima rescued her. Amy told the Daily Mail, "She is silly, full of sounds and playful when she is not sleeping, but even then she smiles." “She smiles always .” This sweet canine wasn't always so cheerful; she had a rough start in life as a stray dog on the streets of Fresno, California. Amy told the Daily Mail, "Shortcake was discovered on the streets with extreme mange and a hernia." “When Fresno Bully Rescue learned about her, her time at the shelter was up.” “She wasn't in the best of health at the time, and those who knew her back then said she smelled like rotting flesh due to her mange.” Amy Fell in love with the little dog's unbreakable spirit the moment she saw a clip of it on the internet. Amy told Good Morning America, "When I came across her photo on the rescue's web, I couldn't believe it." “She seemed unhappy, but she was wagging her tail and flashing her little smile, and it struck me square in the heart. "I have to meet this puppy," I said.

When Amy first saw Shortcake, she agreed to adopt her right away; fortunately, the dog recovered quickly from the mange. The dog is now content and relaxed; he likes to stay at home rather than go for walks, and the joy she has discovered is visible on her face. The pooch's most endearing attribute is that wide bright smile, which Amy Still doesn't fully comprehend. She told GMA, "I'm not sure why she smiles so much." “I won't be able to get her to do it on time.” However, the dog's smile has wowed online fans, and she now has her own Instagram account, @theladyshortcake, with over 185,000 followers. “One of the best things about social media is that people tell me how much joy she gives them and how much they make her smile,” Amy said. “I just think it's fantastic that she makes other people happy.”