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Military Veteran Unable To Function Since Service Dog Ran Away, Pleads For Help

 "My life is a nightmare. I can't sleep. I can't function." Spread the word!

Roi Biton has been in mourning for six months. Although his dog did not die, he is now in the most dreadful circumstance of his life. 

Biton, a 39-year-old Israeli war veteran, brought his dog to play on a vacant lot in Jones Maltsberger, Texas, near US Highway 281.

Golani, his dog, spotted a little animal and dashed to pursue it. That was his last encounter with the dog, and his life has never been the same since. 

Biton described his existence as a "horror." “I'm having trouble sleeping. I'm unable to function. I get leads, but they generally take me to another dog that isn't Golani.”

Golani is not just the man's adoring companion, but he is also a qualified emotional support dog. Golani has been in his father's life since he was eight weeks old. Now that the dog is five years old, Roi is distraught, and he hopes that someone has seen his lost pup.

So far, he has hired a private investigator and asked to see surveillance footage in the area where the dog went missing. Unfortunately, the cameras were not operational on that particular day. He contacted a few television and radio stations in the hopes that they would spread the information as well.

Biton stated, "Golani belongs with me, and I belong with him." “We share a kinship that Golani will never have with anybody else... My entire family is in Israel, so I'm very much on my own here. Golani was a gift to help me deal with my PTSD and loneliness. We created an incredible bond. He means a lot to me.”

Golani was not wearing a collar at the time of his disappearance, but he is microchipped. He is a white dog with a black mark on his nose and a half black left ear. 

He was roughly 3-1/2 feet tall and 90 pounds when he vanished. Anyone with information should contact 210-383-2404 by phone or text. Briton stated that all tips will be kept confidential and that he will not ask any questions.