Mother Dog Found Dumped In Church Parking Lot With Her 9 Puppies

She has been found sitting beside a bin where her 9 puppies were abandoned inside

Paw Angel, Animal Rescue in Abilene, Texas, rescued a 5-year-old momma dog and her nine 2-week-old puppies. The dogs were discovered in the parking lot of North Side Baptist Church on April 26 after a photo of them was published online. Angel Urban and Misty Boerger put the puppies and their mother in the car.

According to Boerger, no one can give up two-week-old puppies and their mothers! Dory was the name of the mom who had draining and exposed sores. Dory was in desperate need of veterinary attention. Unfortunately, due to a tumor in her throat, one of the puppies had to be terminated. The mother dog and her eight puppies will be ready for adoption soon.

View the video below.


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