Officer Refuses To Leave 2 Scared Pit Bulls Side When They’re Found Abandoned On Street Late At Night

Scared and alone, the dogs immediately felt better when the cops showed up and comforted them. Patrick Hennessey stumbled upon an unlikely sight in the middle of a dangerous, high-traffic road at 4:30 a.m., when it was already dark outside. He couldn't tell what the two shadows huddled in the dark were at first, but as he cautiously inched closer and closer to the pair, it became apparent that these were indeed two pit bulls doggos who had been hurt and were in desperate need of help!

Patrick called the police out of respect for their well-being, but the pit bulls' response was not quite what everyone had in mind. As two Orange County Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene, one of the puppies lunged at the officer who stuck out his hand......and immediately settled into his lap! How's that for a fun surprise? These two sweet-natured gals were clearly anxious and scared, but they couldn't conceal their delight at having been saved by the nicest guys in town!

Unfortunately, one of the dogs was in a bad way, so Deputies Boggs and Reed applied gauze to her leg to stop the bleeding. Her injuries appeared to be the result of being hit by a car, from where they were discovered. A bystander named Adam photographed the officers as they consoled and cared for the terrified puppies. He was moved by their generosity and wanted to commend them on going above and beyond.

He sent the images to the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Florida, along with a note that said, "These pictures I took represent a caring spirit from our deputies and will pull at any animal lover's heart strings." Thank you.” The two pit bulls were called Liberty and Justice, which is appropriate given what they received after being thrown aside so carelessly. Orange County Animal Services provided a "check" on the dog's status not long after they were rescued and brought to shelter.

Justice and Liberty were reunited with the two heroic cops who rescued them in an update video. The girls were literally falling over themselves to give the men thank-you hugs, so it was clear that they remembered who the men were! Check out the video below to see Liberty and Justice thank the kind cops who refused to leave them while they were at their lowest point.

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