Officials hope to identify owner of severely neglected dog found in Ohio

Butler County, Ohio, Officials are trying to find the owner of a severely neglected dog they found on Monday morning. According to the Animal Friends Humane Society:

This morning, we had a dog brought to us from the Butler County Dog Warden's office. He was discovered emaciated and is receiving medical attention at the hospital. We need to find his owner as soon as possible. As the video proves, he is a good boy who wants to be as close to you as possible. Please assist us in determining who did this to him.

The stray dog was discovered near Layhigh and Millville Shandon Rd in Ross Township, Ohio. Any information is required.

If you have any information about the owner of this dog, please contact Deputy Forkner at 513-887-7297, extension 5. If you choose, you can remain anonymous. The dog will be kept at the shelter until he recovers.

To watch the video click here

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