Owners Exploited This Husky Until She Could No Longer Walk And Produce Puppies – This Woman Gave Her A Second Chance In Life

On her dog's Instagram, Silvia Rayssa preaches one message in particular: "Better than buying a life, is saving one!" “Rescue the oppressed, aid the injured, and love the abandoned...” And the story of Maya, a Siberian husky, is a heartbreaking, then happy testament to that. Every day, an animal rescue story reminds us that there are still decent people among us.

Maya had only seen the worst side of humans until 5 years ago, when she was forced to breed regularly at a 'puppy factory' in Goiania, Brazil. Due to the terrible treatment and conditions she suffered when she was discovered, Maya was extremely exhausted and paraplegic.discovered. Her irreparable health issues rendered her useless to the kennel, and she was set to be euthanized. But Rayssa stepped in and offered this dog a second opportunity at a happy life, and in doing so, she also saved herself. Bored Panda reached out to Rayssa, who told us the entire heartwarming rescue story, so get your tissues ready.

Maya, a Siberian husky, was forced to breed in a kennel in Brazil and had only seen the worst of people. The kennel was planning to get rid of her because she was no longer profitable due to her poor health. The kennel was going to get rid of her because she was no longer profitable due to her terrible health. “I believe we've all wondered ourselves, 'Is our fate already written?' Is it all a coincidence?' I'm sure I've asked myself this question many times...

A colleague (also an animal protector) received a complaint: the owners of a clandestine kennel were attempting to "get rid" of the mother because she was no longer helping to create profit (puppies), and they wanted to feed her rat poison to "end the poor thing's agony." Rayssa informed Bored Panda. Maya was seriously damaged and paralyzed when she was discovered in a freezing cage in 2016. "August 28, 2016 is a date that I will never forget," she says. When we think we've seen everything there is to see in this life, I realize we've never seen enough. When we arrived, she was lying on the ground, completely distraught. She drank her own pee and ate her own feces, which made my heart break. As we loaded Maya into the car, Her happiness at leaving that location was palpable.” “She drank her own pee and ate her own feces, which broke my heart,” Rayssa decided to take the dog home and offer her a new start.

“She became paraplegic as a result of being beaten up, tied up, and it was really heavy to hear” “When we believe we've seen it all in this life, I realize we've never seen enough,” Rayssa says. Maya emerged in Rayssa's life at a time when they both needed it the most: "she was the one who saved me" "I have always been enthusiastic about animals, and I have always felt that I had a different relationship with them... After all, how can I explain such adoration? I was going through a rough patch in my life, you know how things lose their meaning a little? As though you were losing strength every day? That's how I felt in the face of all the evil I saw going on in the world.

I wasn't living, I was just existing... I recall well the day when my heart yearned for a "large and wonderful animal." I'll never be able to put into words how I felt in my soul after that... For the first 48 hours, the new owner did not leave Maya's side. She was frail, yet she saw a great determination to live in her eyes. “For the first 48 hours, I didn't leave her side for a single second, because we were scared she wouldn't resist due to the severe condition in which she was discovered; But I could see in her eyes that she was not going to give up, that she was very strong and would not give up... I could see her want to live!”

“Maya was hesitant at first, but who could blame her? She'd never known the love of a family, nor had she ever felt a caress. She had only known a cold, dark cage for the previous 5 years of her life. She only knew the worst side of people.” She then underwent a year-and-a-half treatment to try to recover both her physical and mental health. “Then we began her lengthy therapy, making multiple journeys to veterinary hospitals. Knowing Maya's background, I had already assumed she wouldn't be able to walk again, and that was never a problem for me... It was difficult to hear that she became paraplegic as a result of being abused and tied up. I can't imagine even a fraction of what she's been through.”

“About three weeks later, we were still working hard to recover her health until we got a severe scare: she required a blood transfusion right away or she wouldn't be able to resist. My world was turned upside down that day. I made an effort to be strong for her. But I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was fighting for both of us!”

Because she couldn't walk, she began to adapt to her wheelchair: "after then, she has been free to fly, free to go wherever she wishes." “We began her adaptation to the wheelchair, and from the time she sat in her car seat, she realized, ‘Now I am free,' and she has been free to fly, free to go wherever she wants since then.” “Maya had been receiving treatment for almost a year and a half. And she has always demonstrated that she is becoming stronger by the day! And learning to let go of the horror she was living in the past. The realization that her future would be written together!”

“More than four and a half years have gone, and everyone who watched Maya's transition closely remembers her for the amazing passion to live that she always had!” In the nearly 5 years since August 28, 2016, Maya has come a long way and has changed beyond recognition. Maya's strong will to live and eventually being able to find the good side of people led her to the happy life she now enjoys.

“ People claim I saved Maya, but I always respond, "No, she was the one who saved me."', Maya changed my life, and the lives of many others, with her story of triumph, compassion, and love, which we are still living today. There are no scars that can't be healed by love! And Maya is a fantastic example of this; she was received with such respect and affection that even her deepest soul wounds are now only scars that show she was stronger than what injured her since her scars are the signs of overcoming that only a fighter has.”

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