Pit Bull Shot Several Times Stays Positive After Leg Amputation

 Instead of being mad, he just wanted to know why his human drove off without him.

She could have stayed in the shelter indefinitely, but rescuers realized that it would be better if she could be adopted as a family pet. Dora, who had been depressed, was eventually adopted by a family in Devon, England.

Kevin, a Pit Bull "unofficially" called, is the epitome of a dog with boundless loyalty. His humans fired several shots at him before abandoning him. Instead of being angry, Kevin simply wanted to know why his human had left him behind. When humans turn on dogs

Witnesses reported that six gunshots were heard on the day Kevin was found. Someone noticed the Pit Bull following a human to a car, but the driver shut the car door in Kevin's face and sped away. Despite being betrayed by his owner, the dog appeared to be perplexed as to why the person had abandoned him.

Soon after, the Manassas Park police arrived at the scene. Kevin was no longer present, but they followed a blood trail into the woods in search of him. He was shot multiple times, including once in the right shoulder and once in the right hind leg. The police took him to MedVet in Northern Virginia to deal with his injuries as soon as possible.

The person who did this to an innocent puppy is still being sought by police. They're not sure if the shooter is Kevin's human, but they know Kevin knows the suspect based on how he reacted to their departure. The Influence of Determinate Dog Lovers

Kevin had to have surgery to remove a bullet from his jaw, as well as stitches where the rounds entered and departed his body. On top of that, he had to have his back leg amputated. All of the generous donations made it possible for the vet to obtain such intensive medical care. When dog lovers learned about Kevin's story, they were eager to assist. And, despite the fact that amputation is a severe process, Kevin appears unconcerned about it. Despite everything that has happened to him, he has remained a cheerful and hopeful dog.

Kevin is currently resting well during his recovery. He still has a long way to go to recover, but he seems to believe that everything will be fine. Officers are already figuring out where the ideal home for him will be, so the future seems promising. Soon, this adoring Pit Bull will have a warm, cozy home where he will no longer have to fear about getting hurt.