Pit Bull Sobs Like A Baby After Mom’s Death And Begs UPS Driver To Give Him A Home

Leo the Sweet Pit Bull has always had a deep relationship with this UPS driver. When his mom died, the UPS driver’s arms became his only sanctuary. Katie Newhouser has been a UPS driver for 15 years. She loves to greet the puppies on her route with treats and hugs. That is how she befriended a pleasant Pit Bull named Leo and his mom, Tina Rummel, who lived in one of the neighborhoods of her shipping network.

Over the years, Katie and Leo have established a stable relationship with each other. One day, Katie used to be devastated to analyze that Tina had surpassed away, leaving in the back of the grieving Leo all alone. Tina’s son, Canon, was once a long way away on energetic marine duty, so Katie was once involved about Leo’s well-being.

Katie observed that Leo hopped into her automobile and refused to let her go. So she decided to support him until Canon accepted his duties again. At his new home, Leo’s easy-going nature made him bond nicely with the different puppies in Katie’s household. He quickly grew to be an inseparable phase of their lives.

Some days, Leo would terribly pass over Tina and sob like a little child earlier than falling asleep. But his new siblings usually cheered him up with their love. It wasn’t long earlier than Katie realized that she would be unable to phase approaches with the candy Leo.

Katie eventually adopted Leo and gave him the continuing family he deserved. As Leo and his puppy siblings feel safe and sheltered in his new home, Katie sees his bright smile come back. We are so pleased that Leo determined a happy ending with his new family!

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