Rescue Team Found an Abandoned Mother Dog and Her Puppies Trying to Survive

 Mothers will truly do whatever they can to protect their kids.

This anecdote demonstrates that moms, and even dogs, would go to great lengths to defend their children.

Ermioni is one of the founders of Diasozo Animal Rescue in Greece. They are dedicated to rescuing animals that have been abandoned, abused, mistreated, or starved, and we strive to provide them a better life. They are all volunteers, and their only source of funding is donations. This is one of the many rescue stories they have.

A beautiful lady notified them about an abandoned mother dog and her pups in a field near a nearby business. They couldn't find the puppies at first despite hearing them, but they ultimately realized that the mother dog had hidden them beneath a water track to keep them safe while she hunted for food.

The mother dog was believed to go throughout town begging for meals. When the mother arrived, they released the cubs and started feeding them. She was scared, but she decided to trust the rescuers and stay friendly with them.

It took some time, but they finally managed to put the mother and cubs in the box and transport them to the rescue center. Watch the video to learn more.

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