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Scared Dog Who Had Nightmare Every Night Now Can Have Sweet Dreams

 Scared Dog Who Had Nightmare Every Night Now Can Have Sweet Dreams

Being homeless is a nightmare for any stray dog. Nobody looks after them, they don't have clean food to eat, and they don't have a safe place to sleep. Every day, they live in terror and loneliness. They have had enough hardship, but instead of assisting these unfortunate creatures, some evil humans send them fresh wounds that are too difficult to cure, and their lives become horrific nightmares.

In this narrative, the dog named Noori had a dark past that he couldn't share with anyone. He was abandoned in a parking lot for two months before following a kind girl who fed him during that period to her home. Noori was frail, sensitive to sound, and terrified of people. In addition, he had a serious cut on his torso, and his legs appeared to be so feeble that they trembled while he remained still.

No one could fathom what had occurred to him to cause him to be so terrified and despondent. The poor dog was weary and unable to sleep peacefully. The dog cried out in anguish whenever he closed his eyes and tried to sleep, as if he was assaulting. The little dog shivered some more till he was startled awake. He could only nod asleep briefly while sitting.

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The backstory was heartbreaking. Noori was a stray dog that was abused by unpleasant people on the streets, causing him to have nightmares for the rest of his life. Fortunately, a vet arrived to assist him. They took the dog to the hospital for proper treatment once he had calmed down. During his rehabilitation, Noori gradually became more friendly with his surroundings.

It took a long time, but Noori eventually found a home. His new owners adored him and created a nice environment for him to adapt to. He eventually began to feel better and began to open his heart to his new family.

After all of his trials, Noori now has a life full of affection from his devoted owners. Hopefully, all of his dreams will be pleasant.