She Was Wriggling In Pain Begging Rescuer To Save Her After Fight Broke

 Little dogs always pay the price when fights break out between stronger dogs over food.

This story is about a sad and sick puppy. She has a front leg deformity that no one knows whether she was born with it or whether she was attacked by another dog.

Fortunately, a local veterinarian replied quickly after being summoned by a concerned citizen who saw the puppy. Her situation was critical, according to the vet, because she couldn't stand on her own and couldn't bear weight on her legs. The vets' hearts were broken, but they didn't give up hope.

They gave her a warm bottle of puppy milk, antibiotics to keep her from being infected, and pain relievers. She has grown stronger in a few days and can now sit by herself! The strong little girl will be placed in a foster home to obtain medical care and physical therapy. We're hoping she'll be able to walk on her own soon. What a cutie. Watch the video below.


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